Our Story

Visually Creative Sydney Fine Art Floral

Alison Rahal (fondly known as Ally), is a floral stylist based in Sydney, Australia. With a background in Fine Arts & Visual Merchandising, Ally pays careful attention to the organic nature of the flowers she is working with. She strives to create bridal flowers, flower arrangements and floral installations close to the way Mother Nature intended.

Her inspiration is taken from old fashion romance, seasonal palettes, moody tones, textured finishes, vintage pieces and touches of European style.


Ally works alongside her husband, Sam, who is a handy genius. Creating beautiful arbours, pedestals and custom pieces for their client’s needs. Sam’s dedication and patience is what helps make this business the success it is today.


So here we are. Our team is all heart and soul. Family, it's where all great things are made.

Our family love to create the romance and ambience through flowers, décor and styling.

Visually Creative Sydney Fine Art Floral

"To be a florist is at the gift of enhancing and transforming a simple space into a magical dreamland."

Visually Creative Sydney Fine Art Floral

The Experience

Working with Brides & Grooms is such a special process, some come with great ideas and Pinterest boards of inspiration while others really have not much more than a colour scheme. It's my joy as a floral designer to put together your inspirations in ways you may not have considered. Having a one on one consultation is always the best place to start to get to know your vision for the big day. 


A few fun questions with Alison ...

How did you get into floristry? 

One very passionate friend saw something in me that I did not. She took a leap of faith to decorate her wedding and I've never looked back.


What does your market morning visit look like? 

Early start to be at market for 5am. I am not a morning person, but every single time I go, I am giddy with excitement. There is something about the market that makes my heart full and happy.

After years of visiting the market I have developed an special bond with my growers. I see these hard working people sometimes more than my family. The appreciation of what our growers go through to bring these amazing pieces to the market every day is nothing short of a miracle. The market can be quite intence, as there are hundreds of florists picking up their orders to get back to their stores/studios as quickly as possible. Even during the haste of the morning market rush, it's so important for me to take a moment to talk to my growers, even if it's the most simplests of words.To avoid disappointment I preorder my flowers. I also carefully select special one off pieces, that will beautifully compliment the bouquet or make a stunning feature on the bridal table. This attention to detail is what's important.


What's the best part of your career?

The freedom to create something truly beautiful for a client. It's like starting a painting. The blank canvas has so much potential, and it excites me every time I get the chance to create the masterpiece with different colours and textures. My heart is so happy holding flowers as my brush.


What do you love to do in your downtime?

So many things... drawing, painting, reading, sleeping. Walking through nurseries, working in my garden, cheese platters and red wine.


Chocolate of choice?

Choc mint


My grandmother taught me as a young girl ... to appreciate every flower and every plant. 


The ultimate taboo questions for a florist.... Do you have a favourite flower? 

Yes, definately Taboo. So many favs! Top 3 are: Hellebores, Bearded Iris & Old fashion garden roses.

Who do you love to follow on Instagram?

Fleuropean, Tulipina, Botanica Etcetera, Bows and Arrows Flowers, La Musa de las Flores


Any advice for your Brides & Grooms? 

It's so important to find a florist you resonate with, not only by style, but personality. Like you're partner, you need to connect. Select a florist that has confidence and passion, these two assets will reflect in your flowers on the day. Have a realistic budget in mind as this will help your florist build your flower masterpiece more accurately. Your florist will work with your inspiration and offer options based around your budget. Communicate any queries you may have, we are here to help create something really beautiful for you both.